Other services

Klimafit’s primary focus is on providing workshops, training and experiences that raise awareness about the climate crisis, tackle climate disruption and climate silence, and prompt people to act.

As communication specialists and climate communicators, we also offer several additional services.

How can Klimafit help you?

We specialise in international communication. Whilst we can support you with your German-speaking climate and sustainability communication, we are particularly effective in helping you talk about the exciting work that you are doing in Austria and Europe in English, for a global audience.

Here are some of the ways that we can help you:


Creative climate communication & sustainability marketing

Let us help you increase your visibility, educate and engage mainstream audiences on environmental or climate-related themes, or simply tell the world what your organisation about the steps you are taking to create a sustainable future.

Storytelling, narrative & creative collaboration

Let us help you bring your environmental, climate or sustainability message to life in new and interesting ways for your audiences.

Panel moderation & virtual event hosting

Let us help you make sure that your next conference, event or panel session is lively, engaging, and filled with information that audiences will find useful and interesting.

Skills training for climate & environmental communicators

Let us help you build the skills you need to talk about climate change, the environment and sustainability clearly and confidently in order to inform, educate, inspire, engage and perhaps even persuade.

Climate & sustainability awareness-raising workshops & training

Let us craft and deliver workshops that help people make sense of environmental and climate disruption and make sure that everyone is on the same page so that they can think critically about what they can do in the face of rapid change.

Focused facilitation for meetings & workshops

Let us design and facilitate groups who need to conversations about environmental, climate-related or sustainability themes, solve problems, identify risks and opportunities, make decisions, and develop strategic plans that will help you transition to a thriving, sustainable future.

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