Deep Time Walks: finding our place in Earth’s history

Explore the Climate Emergency via a transformative walking experience that leads participants into a profound connection with the more-than-human world.

A Deep Time Walk is a transformative journey through 4.6bn years of Earth history via a 4.6km guided walk. It is an invitation to view the world differently, encouraging positive action and advocacy for a regenerative Earth.

How to experience a Deep Time Walk

There are several ways to experience a Deep Time Walk:

  • Register for one of our community walks, individually or with friends and family
  • Integrate a Deep Time Walk into an event, a conference, or team building retreat
  • Use the Deep Time Walk to start conversations about sustainability and climate change and use it to kick-start your sustainability initiatives. Great for communities, businesses, schools, universities and organisations!
  • Combine the Deep Time Walk with a climate awareness initiative or climate training, like Climate Fresk or Klimafit für nachhaltige Zukünfte.
  • Ask us to design a climate training or awareness programme for your organisation that includes a Deep Time Walk with tailored exercises and activities.

What is the Deep Time Walk?

A Deep Time Walk (DTW) is a transformative journey through 4.6 billion years of Earth’s history.
It is a 4.6 km narrated walk, where every meter walked is equivalent to one million years. This experience transforms time into space and invites participants to perceive the world differently. Through the experience of walking and connecting with the senses, hearing about the changes that have taken place during the Earth’s history, and interactive small group exercises, individuals and groups have an opportunity to reconnect with the natural world that sustains us, and reflect on how we might respond.

By understanding the “geostory” or the history of our planet Earth through our steps, we become aware of the magnitude of the Earth’s history and the evolution of living beings, and the impact of humans who only appear at the very end of the story, and are comparative new-comers in the context of 4.6 billion years.

From the formation of the solar system to mass extinctions, the formation of the Moon, the oceans, the atmosphere, the early evolution of single-celled life, plate tectonics, multi-cellular life and the arrival of our species: humans – just in the last 20 centimetres – a Deep Time Walk covers some of the most significant events in Earth’s history.

The Deep Time Walk was created by Stephan Harding (Schumacher College, UK) and Sergio Maraschin and is part of the Deep Time Walk Project.

The structure of the Deep Time Walk

The Deep Time Walk is… all about walking! As a standalone event, it is a 2.5-hour experience and the structure looks something like this:

  • Participants are invited to show up on time at the starting location. Sometimes this is a place in nature, and sometimes we start the event in a local café, taking time to meet others before we head out.
  • Together, we walk a route with regular short stops where the facilitator will guide you through some of the most significant events and key revolutions in Earth’s deep history from the formation of the solar system to the formation of our species and our impact on the earth.
  • Between stops, you will be invited to engage in discussions and share reflections in small groups.
  • As the walk draws to a close, we will discuss key learnings and identify areas where we can make a positive difference individually and collectively.


The Deep Time Walk can be combined with climate awareness initiatives or climate training, like Climate Fresk or Klimafit für nachhaltige Zukünfte, as well as with custom-designed retreats and strategic planning sessions.


The walk and additional modules can be tailored accordingly, so the structure may look a bit different depending on your needs.

Learning objectives

By the end of this workshop, you will:

  • Have a better understanding of the extraordinary history of the Earth
  • Have an increased understanding of how Earth functions as a system, and of our role in that system
  • Reflect on what you hear
  • Exchange and ideas with others in the group
  • Learn how personal choices and actions can make a difference
  • Share ideas about impactful individual and collective actions.

For group workshops and tailored events, you will also have:

  • Tailored discussions to meet your organisation’s needs
  • All participants are now on the same page and ready for meaningful discussions on solutions and action!

Who is the Deep Time Walk for?

  • Anyone curious about the story of the Earth’s history and how we humans “fit” within that story
  • Anyone interested in reconnecting with nature to think about climate change and environmental disruption from new perspectives
  • Anyone wanting to exchange thoughts, ideas, and inspiration with others in their community
  • Those already well-versed in climate change looking to connect their thinking with the natural world
  • Sustainability and ESR professionals interested in exploring new ways to start conversations about climate disruption and sustainability internally and externally
  • Groups like communities, schools, universities, and businesses that want to kick-start climate initiatives and sustainability events with a multi-sensory experience.


Event type:

Narrated walk


2.5 hours


In person


Certificate of attendance


German or English

Participation fee:

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Suzanne Whitby of Whitby’s Sustainability



Intended audience:

  • Anyone who wants a new perspective on understanding the climate crisis
  • Individuals and groups interested in the Earth’s history and the role of humans
  • Groups wanting to combine climate awareness with team building, sustainability initiatives, or climate change training

Pricing guidelines

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The science which underpins the Deep Time Walk makes it an extremely valuable resource for holistic education and it deserves widespread adoption in schools and universities.

James Lovelock
Earth scientist


We went through the Deep Time Walk and experienced ecology, atmosphere, and the beauty of the earth…all in a few steps. Towards the end, humans came along and things were extraordinary until it became clear how we are changing the Earth’s climate. Great for prompting discussion and thought.


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