Climate Literacy Training for Sustainable Futures

Climate change is a global problem that affects us all – including Tiroleans, Austrians and others in Northern Europe!

Our in-depth “Klimafit für nachhaltige Zukünfte” training is designed to give individuals and groups the knowledge and tools that they need to make choices and take action that leads to a thriving, sustainable future.

We offer this training for individuals, and we also design tailored programmes for groups, organisations, and regional partners.

What is this course about?

This training is designed to increase your knowledge of climate science and the causes and consequences of climate change without getting too technical. It offers many real-life examples from international, national and local settings to provoke thought and discussion, and challenges you to think about what changes you can make that will have a positive impact.

This course focuses on things like:

  • Why is climate change happening?
  • How will climate change affect me, my community, my work, my country?
  • What consequences of climate change do we need to be aware of?
  • Who is responsible for sorting out climate change?
  • The power of personal choice and actions.
  • How can we take action individually and collectively to tackle climate change?
  • How can we share knowledge, discuss risks and identify opportunities to create sustainable, thriving futures?

At the end of this course, you will be asked to complete a final assessment which will be assessed independently. Qualifying assessments will be awarded Carbon Literacy Certification.

This course has been designed by Suzanne Whitby and is accredited by The Carbon Literacy Project in the UK.

Structure of the training

Our “Klimafit für nachhaltige Zukünfte” training gives you 9-12 hours of training, depending on whether you want a standard training course or a tailored course.

You’ll have 3 (or 4) training sessions, each of which lasts 3 hours and can be delivered as live, online events or as live, onsite training locations.

You will be awarded Carbon Literacy Certification from The Carbon Literacy Project, however, to do this, you need to:

  • Attend all live sessions;
  • Identify one individual and one group carbon-reducing action you will take as a result of the training;
  • Explain why these actions are relevant and significant.

Learning objectives

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Have a clearer understanding of what is causing climate change and how it will impact you, your community, and your region
  • Feel more connected, informed and empowered to tackle the climate crisis
  • Be able to define actions that you can take as an individual and as part of a group that will contribute to reducing carbon impacts
  • Have the knowledge and tools to take individual action and encourage collective action that will lead to sustainable futures

Who is this training for?

Climate change is a global problem with local consequences that affect us all.

 With that in mind, the short answer is that this course is for both individuals and groups who want to understand the climate crisis and how we can solve it. No prior knowledge is needed. All we ask for is an open mind and a willingness to participate, and if you are attending an online course, an internet-enabled computer or laptop.

 The long answer is that our course is for:

Individuals are at the heart of every family, community, business, university, organisation, industry and government. With that in mind, our “Klimafit für nachhaltige Zukünfte” training is ideal for anyone who wants to know more about climate change and its consequences so that they are equipped to make informed choices.

When individuals come together, they form groups, communities, businesses, schools, universities, governments, industries and nations. Some of these groups wield great power and can make changes at a scale that are beneficial for their group, beneficial for the wider community, and beneficial in tackling climate change. That’s why we offer both standard and tailored versions of our “Klimafit für nachhaltige Zukünfte” training for groups who want to find new ways of doing things and thrive now and in the future.

Course contents

Module 1:

  • The basic science behind climate change
  • Recognise the potential risks and impacts of a changing climate on a global scale
  • Understand how we all contribute to the problem
  • Start thinking about actions and consequences

Module 2:

  • The impacts of climate change in Austria and Tirol
  • The impacts on the wider world
  • What is being done internationally, in Europe, nationally (and regionally, if the course is specific to a region)
  • The four key areas where individual actions can make a difference
  • Case studies about tackling climate change locally and in the wider world
  • Thinking about individual and collective actions.

Module 3:

  • Individual and organisational actions that are making a difference
  • Climate justice and why it matters
  • Linear vs circular economy
  • Co-benefits
  • Talking about climate change
  • What individual and collective actions matter most
  • Getting started with your assessment

Module 4 (only for tailored training programmes for groups and organisations):

  • Understanding scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions
  • How do these manifest in your group, organisation or business?
  • Risks and opportunities
  • Co-benefits
  • Greenwashing and communication
  • Actions needed for a sustainable future

Event type:



3-4 modules, representing 9-12 hours of training.


Online or face-to-face


  • Certificate of attendance
  • Carbon Literacy Certification (on completion of assessment)


German or English

Participation fee:

Fee details →


Suzanne Whitby of Whitby’s Sustainability


  • Live and online
  • Onsite and in-person

Intended audience:

  • Interested individuals and organisations
  • Community groups, universities, schools and businesses who want to do more to address sustainability and climate-related challenges


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Some of the most important training I’ve ever done… I thought I knew about climate change, carbon reduction, and sustainability, I thought we were doing our bit, and then I went on a Carbon Literacy course. One day out of a busy diary, but boy did it make a massive difference. I was wrong on so many things that I thought I knew about.

 Alice Webb
Director of BBC North


Thinking about running a Carbon Literacy course? Do it! You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain, and these guys run a really excellent course, a really, really great day. It’s informative, it’s fun, it’s a little scary at times – I mean this is a big problem we’re facing – but you go away feeling really empowered, ready to do something about it.

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall
Celebrity Chef & Environmental Campaigner

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