Let’s understand and talk about climate change so that we can tackle it – together!

We offer interactive workshops and engaging learning experiences that raise awareness of climate change.

And then we create spaces for people to talk about what we can do to create a bright, hopeful future – together.

What we offer

Climate awareness workshops, training & experiences in Austria

Climate Fresk

The cards are in your hands.

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Work together to piece together the story of climate change with an interactive card game that is based on the latest data from the IPCC reports. Once we understand the big picture, we’ll explore what we’ve learned, how we feel, and what we can do – individually and collectively – to be part of the solution.

Suitable for: individuals, communities, clubs and interest groups, school children, students, educators and businesses who want to understand, talk about and act.

Time investment: 3-4 hours, depending on the number of participants.

Policies for a better future

Searching for the “silver bullet”.

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Using a real-time model from MIT, we’ll work together to choose policies that will keep the world’s temperature from exceeding 1.5 degrees above per-industrial levels. Every policy decision has consequences, however, and together, we’ll need to work out which combination of policies can tackle the problem effectively, keeping people, planet, and the economy in mind.

Suitable for: individuals, groups, students and businesses interested in understanding policy and how policy decisions affect us.

Time investment: 90 minutes to half-day, depending on the format.

Carbon Literacy Training

Reducing CO2 emissions individually & collectively.

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In our Carbon Literacy Training, we build a deeper understanding of the problem (by understanding some of the climate science) and explore how a warming world affects us right here in Austria. Then we take a look at the solutions that already exist that can help us tackle the problem, and hear stories of how individuals, groups and businesses across the country are taking action to reduce CO2 emissions. Finally, we turn to ourselves, our communities and our businesses our organisations to think strategically about what action WE can take, individually and collectively, to be part of the solution.

Suitable for: individuals, communities, communication professionals, sustainability professionals, businesses, museums and arts and cultural organisations, universities, and more.

Time investment: a full day of training, over multiple sessions.

Celemi™ Sustainability

Sustainability is good for business.

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Today’s climate-related and sustainability challenges demand action if businesses want to survive and thrive in changing times. We use a world-class business simulation to encourage critical thinking, build teams, increase an understanding of how sustainability and your bottom line are linked, and start rich conversations about your organisation, your sustainability goals and where to go next.

Suitable for: businesses, organisations, professional bodies and guilds, chambers of commerce, business and economy students

Time investment: 4 hours to multiple days – depending on your needs.

Learn more at SHIFT →

Climate Walks

Learning, thinking, acting – on the go!

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We offer a selection of walk-and-learn experiences that get people into the great outdoors so that they can learn as they move. Our walks combine rich storytelling, conversation prompts, and invitations to discuss solutions and how to take action. We offer several walks that work anywhere, as well as walks tailored to specific locations and cities, and that incorporate local stories and case studies of local climate initiatives.

Suitable for: all groups – depends on theme and format

Length: 2-4 hours, depending on the group and format

Bespoke workshops

Tailored to your needs, your group, your event.

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We are always happy to create tailored workshops, learning events, and interactive experiences. Tell us about your ideas and what you want to achieve, and we can put together a custom-designed approach just for you.

Interested in a workshop?

Contact us and let’s talk about how we can help you.

Alternatively, you can join us for one of our public workshops that we run from time to time.

Keynotes, demos and sharing knowledge

Lively, engaging and informative

Are you looking for a thoughtful, knowledgeable speaking or panel participant for your next event? We offer lively, informative talks and discussions about climate change, climate communication, the power of stories and storytelling for a hopeful future, and co-creating sustainable futures.

For groups of educators, we’re also very happy to offer talks and taster-sessions (demo sessions) to showcase the tools that we use in our work. We believe that finding solutions to today’s “wicked problems” needs as many people as possible working together, so we are generous when it comes to sharing our knowledge, experience and expertise.

Who IS klimafit?

Born in Innsbruck to serve Austria.

klimafit is an initiative born in Innsbruck in beautiful Tirol. We believe that together, it’s possible to tackle the climate crisis and create a bright, hopeful future for Austrians and the world.

To do this, we offer workshops and learning experiences to help people understand and talk about climate change, and discover ways to take climate action.

(We don’t offer “online, work at your own pace” learning because we believe that deep learning happens in groups, through learning-by-doing, rich conversations, and connecting the dots.)

#klimafit in Austria: what we think

Climate change is a global problem with local consequences. Imagine if all Austrians had a better understanding of the problem and how it affects us here: could we come up with ways to tackle the problem AND create new jobs AND build a healthier, happier society AND craft a bright, sustainable future for us all?

We think that the answer is yes!

What do YOU think?

Suzanne Whitby

The woman behind #klimafit Austria.

klimafit was created by Suzanne Whitby. Suzanne is a native of South Africa and a long-time resident of Innsbruck. She is a communication specialist, facilitator and trainer, and for many years, she has focused her energy and experience on tackling today’s sustainability challenges through experiential learning and engaging workshops. Having worked with clients internationally for nearly 20 years, she wanted to do more to raise awareness about the challenges and solutions in her own backyard, and in 2023, klimafit Austria was born.

Suzanne helps businesses tackle sustainability challenges at SHIFT, teaches science communication skills at SciComm Success, and runs a small sustainability communication consultancy based in Innsbruck. Sometimes, she tell stories. And in her spare time, she is a PhD candidate studying the intersection of stories, the senses and space in sustainability communication.

She lives in Innsbruck with her endlessly tolerant Tirolean husband and thousands of books, most of which she’s read.

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