The climate crisis is a global problem with local impacts.

Do you want to understand the problem, learn how to address it, and start taking action?

We offer workshops for citizens, communities, businesses and schools in Tirol and across Austria who want to be part of the solution.

Carbon Literacy Training
Climate Fresk Workshops
Deep Time Walks
Custom-designed Training

Why bother learning about climate change and how to tackle it?

  • Learn what’s happening and what to expect – You might have already noticed increasingly warm days and unexpected flooding, but do you know why this is happening and what to expect in the future? Forewarned is forearmed.
  • Mitigate and adapt – What can you do to reduce the problem, and what do you need to think about in the future that will help you adapt to a changing world? Build the knowledge you need to understand if there is anything you can do and what impact your actions and choices have.
  • Be part of the solution – Climate change affects us all, and as an individual, you have the power to share knowledge, demand change, and identify individual and collective actions. You can’t solve the challenges alone, but perhaps we can do something wonderful together.

If you want to understand what climate change is, its consequences, and the practical steps that you can take to be part of the solution, our climate awareness and action courses make the difference.

Klimafit works with:

  • Individuals who want to understand the role that they can play in changing times.
  • Communities who want to learn how to work together to identify climate solutions that are good for their community, good for their pockets, and good for the planet.
  • Schools that want to engage students, teachers, and parents, and inspire collective actions.
  • Universities who believe students, staff and faculty deserve to understand the causes and consequences of climate change, and recognise that they are instrumental in taking action.
  • Businesses and organisations want to tap into the power of their people to identify organisational risks and unexpected opportunities that will help them thrive in the future whilst reducing their footprint.
  • Local, national and regional partners who want to launch climate awareness initiatives and citizen education programmes.
  • Choose from our climate awareness training, a facilitated climate awareness workshop, or an experience that puts you at the heart of the history of the Earth. Alternatively, ask us to design a custom workshop for your and your group.

Every resident and citizen has the right to understand climate change

Whether you live in Tirol or upper Austria, whether you work in a restaurant or an office or on a building site, whether you are rich or poor, old or young, male or female or gender-non-binary, white or non-white, Christian or Muslim, you deserve to have the opportunity to understand:

  • What climate change is
  • Why it’s happening
  • What impacts it is having now, and what impacts to expect in the future
  • What is happening in our societies to increase or reduce our impact
  • What you can do to act or adapt
  • How your actions and choices really do matter
  • What actions make the biggest difference

Why? Because to solve climate change, we need everyone to take action. But it’s impossible to take action if people don’t understand the problem, the impacts, and what they can do.

That’s why we offer our workshops and climate training in a variety of formats (training, games, walks and events), locations (in community spaces, at offices, online), and languages (currently German and English, with more to come).

We are also working on a project that will give everyone in Austria access to climate awareness training. If you’d like to know more about this, get in touch and we can tell you more!


About Klimafit

Klimafit is the brainchild of Suzanne Whitby, a communication specialist and climate communicator with a passion for teaching people about climate change and environmental disruption. Since 2012, she has focused her energy, experience and expertise on doing work that supports sustainable futures.

“I believe that everyone deserves the chance to understand what climate change is and why it exists, and what we can all do to mitigate and adapt. That means speaking to people in their own language, about topics that they understand and value, and helping them find ways to turn their hopes and dreams into sustainable futures.”

KliNetz: the network for climate and sustainability professionals in Austria

Tackling climate change needs expertise, ideas, innovation and action from individuals and communities and organisations. That’s why we’re building KliNetz, a networking group for professionals who work in the climate change, climate action, and climate adaptation space. The purpose of this group is to exchange information and ideas and identify ways to support or collaborate with others in the field.

If you’d like to join us, we organise monthly networking events (currently in Innsbruck).

Register your interest to receive invitations to future events. It’s free to join, however, events may have a fee to cover drinks and food at a venue.

Get in touch

If you are interested in learning more about one of our climate awareness training programmes, workshops or experiences, or you simply want to connect to explore some ideas or opportunities to collaborate, I'd love to hear from you.

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